15 March 2009

Work On Paper Exhibition

(acrylic on paper 21x29,7 cm)

This is one of the illustrations for my first group exhibition, called "Work on Paper". The opening is on Friday 3rd April in Paddington, at the KILN Gallery, 150 Enoggera Tce. If you live around Brisbane, you cannot miss it!

Questa è una delle illustrazioni della mia prima mostra collettiva "Lavoro su Carta". L'inaugurazione è Venerdì 3 Aprile a Paddington, presso la KILN gallery. Se abiti intorno a Brisbane non te le puoi perdere!


Anna Koltsova said...

Hi Lucia!
Great news!!
what time is the opening at? i'll try to come

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Well done. Alicia and I will be there!
Dan B

Lucialtrove said...

Hi Anna,
I'm very happy to hear that. I will tell you as soon as I know it. Thank you so much!

Hi Dan,
you know you're responsible for that. Your presence is more than welcome, it's a duty! :)
Thank you again and see you there!

Lach said...

Hi Lucia-
Sorry I didn't make it to the opening but I stopped in there today. Your stuff were these bright little gems on the wall . The girl in the night scene was very nice.

Was the guy on the wall next to yours an egon schiele fan?

Lucialtrove said...

thank you, Lach. I'm happy you visited the exhibition.
You're right: the guy next to me has been inspired by Shiele for sure. And his works look simply great!
I'm a bit disappointed by myself: maybe the childish style was not the more appropriate choice for a gallery exhibition. As we say in Italy "you learn from your mistakes"

Lach said...

I think the problem with that exhibition space is unless you have it all to yourself- you(everyone) ends up 'tucked in a corner' visually because the walls are so short.
+its a bit industrial looking in there- sort of suited to sculpture really.
I think if I ever had an exhibition I would try to find somewhere in melbourne rather than brisbane.