06 February 2009

Little Girl Sketch/ Bozza di Bambina

She's so cute I've decided to post her.

Questa mi è venuta così carina che non potevo fare a meno di pubblicarla.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lucia,
My name is Tom Francis from the KILN Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane.
We are having a works on paper exhibition in April and was wondering if you might like to put a couple of small pieces in this exhibit?
There will be a total of approx 10 -15 artists in the exhibit and should be a really interesting mix of styles.
The framers down the road from us (Latrobe art space) are doing deals for all artists involved.
The dates would be: April 3rd - May 3.
My email is tom@kiln.com.au
You can view our website @ www.kiln.com.au to get more information about what we do at KILN.

I hope to hear back from you soon!

Tom Francis.