06 August 2008

Free Divers/ Tuffatori Liberi

Despite what I've painted, I'm quite scary jumping over 1 m high. Maybe I'm beginning tu use my paintings as a cathartic therapy for my acrophobia.

A dispetto di quanto ho dipinto, ho paura di lanciarmi da altezze che superino il metro. Forse sto cominciando a utilizzare i miei quadri come terapia catartica contro la mia acrofobia.


Marina said...

Que hermoso! Fresco!
Un saludo,

Kristi Valiant said...

What a wonderful painting! I love your textures and colors (as always) and the little boys are so full of life in their joyous poses.
In high school, I used to go to a rock quarry with friends and we would jump off a cliff into water that was about 7 meters high. There was a higher cliff that we did sometimes too, but I don't think I would do that anymore!

Jennnifer said...

Love your colors and style


Lucialtrove said...

Hola Marina, grazie della visita e un saluto a te!

Hi Jennifer, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm really happy to see you here!

Kristi, I'm shaking just imaging the 7 meters jump. But this can help me in my way to overcome the phobia, thank you!!!

la suocera said...


Lucia said...

Grazie Amalia, a me ricorda un po' da lontano la costa ligure. O no?

la suocera said...

e' vero e mi ricorda anche Lorenzo e Paolo da piccoli

maxfini said...

ciao marina
quanto mi piaccionole cose che fai...
hai un profile su FB?